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A Brand New Paradigm shift in Nail Salons......

For the first time since I have been involved participating in the nail salon industry for the past 10 years, a new perspective by the movers and shakers in the cosmetology market for nail care has suddenly developed literally in less than a week since 3/21/08.

Guess who these are turning to for help?  That is right...... you the podiatrist.

Background: Beauty Schools across the Country have suddenly seen a drastic 2 year drop in the enrollment of nail technology courses for nail technician’s as a separate training discipline yet, cosmetology course enrollments have held steady. (Remember, nail technicians only do nails while cosmetologists do hair and nails.) The prices for nail technician provided services have also dropped for services providing manicures and pedicures nationwide in many markets.

There are many reasons for this drop that involved a convoluted arrangement between dated cosmetology boards and their associations, the dissemination of poor information, prejudice, influx of budget salons, and a historical rejection of medical involvement in their industry.

The movers and shakers in their industry have turned to my book, Death By Pedicure and my new bridging training course called a Medical Nail Technician to revamp the industry.  Any licensed nail technician can participate. The first online graduates will be taking their final training internships this summer and will be looking to work with this profession soon after.  To use their advanced skills they must work under the direction of you the podiatrist. Otherwise, they are merely individuals who will be sending you more patients.

The argument that these advanced trained individuals are going to be taking over our industry is inaccurate.  State laws prevent them from acting in an advanced capacity unless they are under a physician’s license.  But that still doesn’t stop the fact that continue to do it against their own regulations. Let’s face it, in our own practices, for those podiatrists who hire people to do routine care, we hire someone one day and they are cutting nails for us the next day.  This is unacceptable unless they come to the table with advanced skills. 

We have some podiatrists going bed to bed cutting nails in nursing home with one pair of nippers and wiping them off with alcohol wipes.  This pattern of disinfection fails miserably, in fact it is worse than what nail salons are doing nationwide because we are “licensed” to know better. The podiatry assistant’s program is voluntary and depends entirely upon how a podiatrist wants to use them.  They are not state licensed individuals who have completed state prescribed testing

Do nail technicians already do advanced care illegally with or without the benefit of training?  Yes, every day. Not a single state cosmetology board has enough inspectors to stop it now or in the future.

However, with that said. These individuals represent a pivotal and positive means by which to expand the routine foot care component of our industry without ever filing a claim.  Fee for service medicine is where we truly want to be anyway since it is unlikely insurance companies will ever pay a fair value for what we provide even if it was covered.

For years, I have written articles and made a huge effort to understand the dynamics of the nail salon industry.  I manufacture products for the foot care industry and participated in lecturing, designing programs and utilization of nail technicians in my practice over the years. They represent a powerful ally to address the increasing baby boomer population. Even our own podiatry guru’s say we are going to need 3 times the number of podiatrists by 2015 to cope with this increased segment of the population.

People, this program works. I have spent 10 years seeing this evolution. I don’t plan to write anymore articles or spend any energy defending this program but rather spend time soliciting a network of other podiatrists who want to benefit financially from involvement in the Medical Nail Technician™ or MNT. 

There are podiatrists across the country who have already recognized basic nail technicians are the only licensed individuals to provide beauty services to hands and feet in every state.  One of the first podiatrists to do this was Oscar Mix.  He incorporated nail technicians directly into his practice over 20 years ago.  They just need extra advanced training to perfect their current skills and be real assets to your practice.  Interestingly, there are also podiatrists who have surgical practices or specialty practices referring patients to nail salons without medical oversight instead of our brother podiatrists to handle routine foot care.  Yes, this also happens all the time.

The purpose of this announcement is to fairly inform every podiatrist of this new untapped wave of over one million practicing nail technicians and cosmetologists as well as 275,000 full service salons or nail salons that can potentially fill many roles in our practices.  Some of these individuals can act as force multipliers much as aestheticians act as force multipliers for dermatologists and plastic surgeons in medical day spas.  All they need is your very simple involvement.

I have started a paid consultant service for podiatrists to learn how to convert a small or large scale area of their practice to a fully functional routine foot care center. I can also demonstrate that this arrangement can actually provide a better job than what some podiatrists currently offer that passes off for good foot care.  Even if you do not want these individuals in your practice, you can still benefit from this MNT referral system.

Any interested podiatrist wanting to participate can go to my website www.DRSpalding.com to see over101 plus reasons (and counting) to seek my podiatry conversion/consulting services. I have 4 other websites that have additional information I will share. I will entertain any emails to rts9999999@aol.com or phone calls to 423-756-3668.  Please be patient if the number is busy and leave a message or drop me an email.

 If you know the answers to these reasons you don’t need my consulting services.

I am looking for a network of podiatrists who are willing to step up to the plate to instruct these nail technicians in advanced techniques for a fee and participate in a podiatry based nail spa from your own practice.  Please contact me if you would like to explore this opportunity.