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Continuing Qualification & MNT Medical Nail Technician

Continuing Qualification:

Our online training is completed using our moodle system.  Currently there are three courses available:

1.  How to Prevent Death by Pedicure and Sterilization Techniques in Nail Salons

2.  Salon Emergencies and Disaster Concepts

3.  Podiatry and Biomechanical Concepts for the Nail Technician

The online site can be reached by going to:  http://medinails.com or by clicking on the logo above.




A Medical Nail Technician™ MNT is an individual who is a state licensed nail technician that has completed additional advanced classroom or online training and has worked under the direction of a podiatrist to practice these advanced concepts with actual patients under the podiatrist’s direction.

To learn more please visit: http://www.westerilize.com or click on the MNT logo above