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MediNail COVID-19 Attack Pack

Below are the items that Dr. Spalding recommends as you reopen.

Just for Toenails Disposable Nail Nippers

Clean Republic Disinfectant

Clean Republic disinfectant is a medical grade cleaning solution made from three ingredients – salt, water, and electricity. These products are free from harsh chemicals and toxic fumes and this means you no longer have to sacrifice integrity of a truly safe and clean environment. They have already received an EPA endorsement of our Disinfectant + Sanitizer, for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as MRSA, HIV, and Norovirus.

This is a great solution nail salons as a part of reopening due to COVID-19. You can become a distributor by clicking on the button below!

Aerovex Systems

Aerovex Systems has consistently provided high quality source capture ventilation and room air purification systems to hair, nail and skin care salons. Their equipment consists of well-designed ventilation systems that make the performance of any salon service much safer including; artificial nails, keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and any other salon service that generates vapors and/or dusts.

This is the first Video by Dr Spalding, CEO of that shows the explosion of Nail Dust with standard simple nail nippers on normal nails without pathology that anyone trimming their nails may come to expect to inhale.  If this nail was a fungal nail or a nail with dangerous bacterial or viral loads like COVID 19, the micro-dust profile would be greatly magnified and increased. This MediNail video is the first to demonstrate the essential demand for ventilation systems like Aerovex and or other dust extraction systems for electric nail files used by health care professionals or nail professionals who perform routine care on toenails or fingernails.  It is important to invest and use dust source capture systems to prevent the possibility of dangerous fungal, viral or bacterial contaminate from being inhaled by the professionals and their patients or clients themselves.

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